Sunday, April 26, 2009

Begonia leaves are curling?

I just got a yellow begonia with small flowers as a gift. After a couple of weeks kept indoors, the leaves began to curl. I have been keeping it near a sunny window. Any ideas? Thanks. :-)

Begonia leaves are curling?
Curling leaves are often a symptom of underwatering and/or too much mineral salts in the soil. The excess minerals can build up if your local tap water is on the hard side. If so, switch to filtered, distilled or rainwater. Too much fertilizer is another source of mineral buildup.
Reply:If it isn't in a container that drains, repot it in a pot that will drain. Plastic is fine. Sun and water should do it, but, if there are no little white balls in the potting soil add some vermiculite to absorb water, it will retain water and should help.
Reply:transplant it out side
Reply:Check it for spider mites.

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