Sunday, April 26, 2009

What's eating my begonia leaveas?

I don't find any "trails" from slugs, so can you tell me what might be eating my begonia leaves? They are in a pot on my porch. The leaves have been almost consumed. There is no other color on the leaves just the normal green, so I don't think it's mildew.

What's eating my begonia leaveas?
The major pests of begonias are mealy bugs, spider mites, scales, snails and slugs. Any of these can strip a plant in short order (from a day to a few days).

I use Bug-B-Gone in my garden and it controls most pests. I resort to Malathion if Bug-B-Gone doesn't work.

These are a couple of good sites for identifying bugs, the damage they can do and how to control them.
Reply:normal animals. don't u know that by now?
Reply:Contact your local agricultural extension agent. There is usually someone there who is well versed on pests in your particular area as well as how to prevent them.

My other thought would be that rabbits are eating them.

Good luck with your begonias!
Reply:Try something harmless.Dissolve a mild dishwashing liquid in water:one spoon in one liter.Spray it on your plants with a common spray bottle.You will see the results within a week.
Reply:caterpillars find tender begonia leaves positively irresistible. If you’re vigilant, you may be able to catch them before they do too much damage,
Reply:mites are a possibility.... check for little tiny black insects at the stems of the leafs..... they prefer roses but can be found in many other household plants..... ladybirds love to eat these so find some ladybird insects and introduce them..... always be organic with all your plants help save the enviroment

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