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Droopy begonia?

I have a very sad begonia - it is droopy and the soil seems to stay wet no matter what. The foliage stays curled up and unhappy. This plant is in a hanging basket on my front porch. Do I need to flush the soil out and replace it? Please help me help this poor plant before it's too late.

Droopy begonia?
A Yahoo search for "begonia care" (include the quotation marks in the search box) yields 762 results. If you do the same search, and are willing to spend a little time exploring, I'm sure that you will quickly find the information you seek.

Good luck with your search.
Reply:762 results, and you can "quickly find the information you seek"????Give me a break! I think the point of asking on this forum is to hear from people who have some personal experience on the topic! Report It

Reply:They don't like to be real moist sounds like it is to wet. This time of year most annuals are not looking so good anyways. As soon as we have a frost the begonia will be dead if you don't store the bulb for the winter then replant it in the spring..
Reply:Jessi P,

I think that you are talking about a tuberous begonia. You would have a wrinkled brown root shaped like an inverted mushroom. It's a sturdier root to work with than the fiberous begonias. The fiberous ones are the ones you would typically see twenty at a time in peoples flower beds.

Be careful to not break them too much and rinse away the soil. Replace with potting soil (potting soils are typically pH neutralized). When you water the plant, you want it to soak, but all the excess water has to drain out.

If you have a Western Garden Book (Sunset), They go into great details on begonias. Really, they can be fed with and fertilizer. It would be a good time to do that. Also, begonias are cold sensitive and do not like the really hot sun in some places. So watch that!
Reply:first check if the basket drainage holes arnt blocked, mite be best ti re pot the plant in good quality well draining potting mix give it seasol for root stimulation water whwn dry to touch begonias like to not fully dry out between waterings but not to stay wet they are like an indoor plant and feed in the growing season
Reply:The likely cause is your wet soil. Aside from aquatic and bog plants, all plant roots will rot if the soil stays wet. Are there drainage holes in the hanging basket? If not, either drill a couple of holes or repot the plant in a container that allows the water to drain off. In any case, I would suggest repotting the begonia with fresh, non-waterlogged soil. When you water it, water until water drips out of the drainage hole. Then don't water it again until the top inch of soil in the pot has dried out. Many more plants die from too much water than from too little.

When you take the plant out of the pot, don't give up if you notice that some of the roots are rotted away. Begonias are among the easiest plants to root from cuttings, so there is still hope. Just discard the rotted parts and put the good parts back into the new soil, firm the soil around it, water well, and then don't overwater. Good luck!
Reply:Better than droopy bologna...

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