Saturday, November 14, 2009

Should I bring my begonias inside for the winter?

I planted some begonias this spring that grew the most beautiful flowers. I have heard that I need to bring them inside for the winter in order for them to bloom again. But I've also been told that it isn't necessary. Can someone give some advice? And if I do need to bring them in, is there any special instructions I need to know to keep them alive and ready for next spring?

Should I bring my begonias inside for the winter?
You did not say what Zone you are in? If your Winters get below Freezing, then Yes you will have to bring them in. You can either leave them in the pot and try to continue growing them.. but with the lower light in the Winter months.. you may not have much success. They will come back next year, but may be a little slow in doing so. Also, do not over-water them, or they will Rot! Most people just dig them up.. and clean them off, removing the small, hairy roots and excess dirt.. then place them in a Dark, Cool, Room 'Buried in Sand or Vermiculite'

In February.. Re-Pot them and start them 'All Over Again'! This is also done for Canna, Calla, Glads, etc.. when you live in a colder winter climate like I do.. Zone 3

Gud Luck..
Reply:Pity you don't say where you live as that makes a lot of difference. If you do bring them in, store them in dry sand or peat in a frost free dark place.
Reply:My Begonias are planted in beds to where the north wind doesnt hit them in the winter...they still die back some (trim off the yucky looking stems/leaves, but they always come back huge and happy in Spring. I've had my neighbor's cats lay on them, which irks me terribly! I just remove the loose parts %26amp; they come back...I have even replanted the broken parts in soil, and they grew into new plants.

Depending on where you live (I am in TX), you may just want to cover them when you know there will be frost. They are really durable...
Reply:They are so reasonably priced, I would just buy new ones next year. Since they are annuals, they get woody and wouldn't be as pretty next year anyway.
Reply:I've tried bringing in all kinds of plants for the winter but quit because you end up bringing in all kinds of insects with them.even if you wash them and plant in new soil, the heat from the furnace gets them too.


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